M3 Radiofrequency Machine

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Radiofrequency emits radio waves generated by high frequency current, this current is able to pass through to the deeper layers of the skin causing thermal injuries.This is an extremely controlled procedure and the skin is heated to a suitable temperature whereby safety with efficacy is key to excellent treatment outcomes.

These thermal injuries trigger a cascade of events which ultimately create an abundance of new collagen fibres. Whilst the existing collagen fibres become more organised and structured through this unique thermal energy process resulting in contraction and tension – tightening of the skin and improved skin laxity.

With 3 different head sizes available both face and body can be treated. Results can be seen instantly but will continue to improve over the following weeks.

Radiofrequency is ideal when used in conjunction with body ultrasound fat reduction and dermomassage. It will produce a tightening and lifting effect.

RF for the face will produce a tighter jaw line and a generally lifted appearance, with improved skin integrity.


Tx duration: 20-40 minutes

Frequency: fortnightly face, weekly body

Tx combinations: standalone, infrared, dermomassage, ultrasound, oxybrasion, microderm, cavitation peeling



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