Welcome to our brand new website and blog. The culmination of 3 years hard work, blended with some passion and a hefty dose of due diligence!

Skin Health Solutions aims to deliver advanced skin products and devices. Safety and skin health are at the forefront of our mission. Training, education and knowledge underpins our foundation and it is where this new project has its roots.

We are fortunate to be aligned with brands backing our ethos and our hashtag “skin health”. Consumers are more aware than ever of what they put in their bodies and what they are putting on their skin.

Parabens are contentious preservatives. Nearly all commercial skincare needs preservatives and are present to prevent bacteria forming. There is plenty of documentation on the internet and studies relating to parabens. Skin Health Solutions supports a free from Paraben philosophy, if there are safe alternatives with equal efficacy why have it included.

Bookmark us or follow us on twitter if you are serious about your skin. If you wash your face with soap or showergel you are in the wrong place!! It all starts with a cleanser. Something that will enhance skin integrity, keep its natural pH in tact and not dry it out. Whatever the skin concern, acne, pigmentation or ageing skin, good cleansing is as important as good serums, SPF’s or moisturisers. The Epiderma 5 range is in its early stages of development and have some exciting new additions due in early 2015, so watch this space.