Please note: Our offices are now closed until further notice, therefore we are unable to take phone orders.

Orders can still be placed via the professional login, and will be shipped as usual. 

We will still be answering all enquires via & FB Live Chat!

Thank you for your understanding and coopertation during these times, and please, stay safe, we are in this together…


Our Ethos

Aesthetic Skin Care – Skin Health Solutions

Skin Health Solutions has been created to present the very best that is available within the medical skin care industry. Recognising a growing trend for promoting skin health, we have carefully selected product ranges encompassing all that should be expected by discerning consumers looking for results driven outcomes.

The products online are rigorously tested for safety with all devices being authentically CE marked. All skincare has a fairly extensive list of free froms and no products contain parabens, salts or petrochemicals.

Healthy, radiant skin is a key component to confidence and how we and others judge us. From teens to old age, male or female, Celtic to Afro-Caribbean skin types we should all take the very best care of our skin – we will be wearing it a long time, so invest wisely in your skincare.