Will I peel ?

It all depends on the type of peel being used on your skin. There is a trend towards peels that don’t cause harsh damage to the skin and keeping the outer layer of skin “intact”. Our skin barrier is very important.

So perhaps a mild skin peel with a pH that is not too low, the aim being to get a gentle exfoliation, that will not cause the skin to be dry and shed. So you definitely do not have to peel to experience a great treatment.

These “superficial” skin peels tend to be very safe.

What are the benefits ?

A skin peel can help improve the texture and tone of the skin. It can help reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Always, always use an SPF if you have any pigmentation and certainly if you are undergoing any treatment for it. It can help reduce acne, oil production and open pores. You may see an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.

Can anyone have one ?

The answer is pretty much yes. Your practitioner will give you a thorough consultation and be able to identify any reason for you not to be suitable for treatment, although this would be unusual.

The results ?

Smoother, brighter, healthier looking skin. Get glowing into 2015.